This Eco-Friendly Water Bottle Will Keep Your Drink Icy For Hours

I am absolutely obsessed with my eco-friendly water bottle from YETI. I’ve had this bottle for years, and it still is in perfect condition and keeps my drinks incredibly cold. Keep scrolling to learn about what makes this bottle so great, along with all the available options.

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My Absolute Favorite Water Bottle

In many of my posts, you’ll see me talk about ensuring my dogs have access to plenty of fresh water, especially on warm summer days. Living in a hot climate like Barcelona, I am always conscious of the very real possibility of my dogs getting overheated.

As you venture out with your pup, proper hydration for yourself is just as important. That’s why I want to introduce you to my absolute favorite eco-friendly water bottle that my family and I have been using for years.

It is made by an Austin, TX-based company called YETI Coolers. And just like the inspiration behind their name, this company is an expert in keeping things cold. You can fill your bottle up before bed, and the water will still be icy and refreshing the next morning.

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It also keeps hot drinks equally steaming hot. While I’m not a coffee drinker (shocking but true), my husband swears by it.

The ability of this product to keep drinks cold has even led to urban legends. When I lived in Austin, there was one about a car fire where the only object that survived was a YETI bottle…and it is said that the water inside still had ice!

Regardless of what stories you believe, this water bottle is the real deal. But the ability to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot is, on its own, not sufficient to earn a spot in our blog. We are all about sustainability here, after all.

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What Makes This Eco-Friendly Water Bottle Eco-Friendly?

Aside from the appeal of ice-cold drinks, I originally became keen on YETI products because of their durability. These things were built to last, meaning no replacement water bottle to buy and no old one to throw away. So, all good news so far.

But not only is this a company that cares deeply about the quality of its products, its passion extends to the planet. As part of its company strategy, it has a specific plan to monitor and reduce its environmental impact.

Here are a few initiatives outlined in YETI’s Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance report that I find particularly relevant. I love seeing different ways a company can use innovation to make a positive difference. 

mini dapple dachshund dog standing behind green eco-friendly water bottle surrounded by bamboo leaves


YETI aims to make 100% of its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025, and it is currently at about 95%. For example, all of its drinkware is now only wrapped with FSC-certified paper.

Xtra Eco Tip: FSC, or Forest Stewardship Council International, advocates for sustainable forestry. It has a product certification process that is recognized globally. Look for its “check tree” label on the products you purchase to verify the sustainable sourcing of the materials.

fsc check tree product certification label for sustainable forestry

Waste Reduction

The company is working towards achieving zero waste to landfill by 2030. Currently, it diverts 84% of its waste, amounting to 554 tons of waste that are prevented from entering landfills.

Circular Consumer Strategy

YETI plans to launch a full circular consumer strategy by 2025, focusing on the product lifecycle from design to disposal, and it has already started down this path. 

The company designs its products to last, but if a product becomes unusable, YETI offers a buy-back program where drinkware is recycled. Customers are then provided with a discount on their next purchase.

graphic showing the high level stages of circular economy strategy

People and the Planet

The company partners with organizations that introduce young people, especially those with limited access or underrepresented backgrounds, to the outdoors. 

Its aim is to help the next generation develop practical skills and foster a sense of belonging and responsibility towards the planet.

Accountability and Measurement

YETI sets goals and collaborates with external companies to ensure accurate tracking of its progress. It prioritizes obtaining actual data rather than relying on superficial and meaningless numbers.

Now Let’s Talk About Features

YETI’s product range has expanded significantly since I first discovered them, and it now offers more than just water bottles (including a few dog products that I am excited to check out!). However, for this post, I will focus solely on its water bottles.

Compared to when I purchased my first Rambler, various combinations are now available, including different sizes, styles, and colors. Here are some key features to consider.


Between the tumblers and water bottles, there are several styles to choose from. Tumblers come with or without handles and feature my favorite lid design—a magnetic slide that stays securely in place while allowing for quick and convenient sips of water.

This slider is also easily removable for hassle-free cleaning. The more traditional water bottle style includes a handled lid for carrying convenience.

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The bottle styles come in various sizes, from 12 oz (kid’s size) to 1 gallon. Personally, I find the 20 oz size to be a great choice as it holds an ample amount of water while still fitting comfortably in my hand.

two eco-friendly water bottles in garden next to dog paw print


With over 20 different colors, YETI has expanded its options beyond just stainless steel, originally the only option available. So the addition of colors has been a fun and welcome update from my perspective.

multiple eco-friendly water bottles in garden with orange flowers

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Other Eco-Friendly Water Bottle Considerations

There are a couple of additional aspects worth mentioning about this water bottle. First, they have a slightly weighty feel due to their double-walled stainless steel design. But it is this very design that keeps drinks cold for an absurdly long time. 

Second, while there are cheaper options available on the market, I don’t know of another that has the same level of quality. Given that YETI bottles last for ages and are designed from the start with sustainability in mind, I have found them to be worth every penny. 

Plus, I can honestly say that when I have my YETI by my side, I drink a lot more water throughout the day, as it stays so cold and refreshing! During these hot Barcelona days when I’m out and about with my pups, I am quite confident that we all are staying properly hydrated. 

FAQs: YETI Eco-Friendly Water Bottle

Are YETI water bottles insulated?

Yes, YETI water bottles are double-wall vacuum insulated, which helps to keep drinks cold (or hot) for extended periods of time.

Are YETI water bottles BPA-free?

Yes, YETI water bottles are made from high-quality stainless steel and are BPA-free, ensuring that your beverages stay safe and free from harmful chemicals.

Can I use my YETI water bottle for hot beverages?

YETI water bottles are designed to keep both hot and cold beverages at the desired temperature. However, be cautious when handling hot liquids, as the bottle may become hot to the touch.

How do I clean my YETI water bottle?

YETI water bottles are dishwasher safe. Additionally, you can wash the lid in warm water with mild dish soap after use. And for a more thorough cleaning, remove and wash the lid gasket.

Do not use bleach on any parts of this water bottle. And make sure to dry both the gasket and lid before storing the bottle.

For full care instructions, check out the information provided directly from YETI.

Are YETI water bottles leakproof?

While not all lids are leakproof, YETI does offer some leak-resistant lids that are designed to prevent spills and leaks, making them ideal for on-the-go use.

What sizes are available for YETI water bottles?

YETI offers a range of sizes for their water bottles, including 18 oz, 26 oz, 36 oz, and 64 oz options (plus more, and the list is always growing), allowing you to choose the perfect size for your hydration needs.

Can I put my YETI water bottle in the dishwasher?

Yes, YETI water bottles are dishwasher safe.

Can I put my YETI water bottle in the freezer?

No, this can cause damage to the bottle.

Can I microwave my YETI water bottle to warm up a drink?

No, never put your YETI water bottle in the microwave. In addition to damaging the bottle, this could cause a fire or other injury.

Can I use my YETI water bottle for carbonated beverages?

YETI water bottles are not recommended for use with carbonated beverages, as the pressure from carbonation may affect the integrity of the bottle’s construction over time.

Do YETI water bottles come with a warranty?

Yes, YETI offers a 5-year warranty on their water bottles, covering defects in materials and workmanship under normal use.

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