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Eco-Friendly Pet Products

As a pet parent, one of my repeated struggles is finding safe, quality, eco-friendly products for my pups (and myself!). These days, there is so much greenwashing that it’s hard to know what to trust. So as I uncover useful products from sustainable brands (with the help of Phoebe, Franklin, Froda, of course!), I will add them to the eco-friendly pet product guides below to make your own search a bit easier.

Eco-Friendly Product Recommendations for Pets & Pet Parents!

Within the following guides, you’ll find a variety of sustainable pet products (and some for yourself as well!).

The products are made by brands that are working to create a more sustainable future and include treats made from natural ingredients, toys crafted from sustainable materials, dog-walking and travel gear designed for eco-consciousness, natural body care products, and more.

Keep checking back as these recommendations are always growing as I test out new products with my pups!

And if you have any eco-friendly favorites as a pet parent that I haven’t included, please share by leaving a comment! Not only for the benefit of myself and my pups but also to help spread the word. Let’s get products that prioritize planet and pet health into as many hands as possible!

Food &

all-natural wet dog food

Toys &

display of sustainable dog toys


dog waste bag dispenser made from 100% reclaimed materials salvaged from the fashion industry

Outdoor &

two eco-friendly water bottles in garden next to dog paw print

Clothes &

eco-friendly dog t-shirt

Beds &

pug-mix dog on red couch with tongue out


hand-crafted doggie spa box

Skin & Body

natural and plastic-free shampoo bar
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