A Pawsitively Sweet Easter Dog Treat: Homemade Lollipops

With this recipe for the ultimate Easter dog treat, you can whip up some dog-safe chocolate lollipops with just a few ingredients. They make a tasty and festive addition to your pet’s Easter basket, ensuring your pup is not left out of the Easter fun!

dog-friendly easter chocolate lollipops and dog treats

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Why Make Easter Treats for Your Dog?

Including your dog in holiday festivities is a fun and easy way to deepen your bond. And there is no good reason that such a beloved member of your family has to miss out on all the fun!

Phoebe, Franklin, and Froda, practically dance around with excitement at the mere hint of being part of our activities, especially when they know I’m making something delicious, like these Easter dog treats, just for them. 

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title of homemade chocolate easter lollipops with images of dog-friendly easter chocolate lollipops

When it comes to Easter, I grew up with the tradition of a lot of chocolate candy in my Easter basket each year. From easter eggs to a giant Easter bunny, I have such fond memories of digging through my basket of surprises.

So, when I think about involving my three pups in this holiday, creating safe, dog-friendly alternatives to chocolate candy is essential.

As dogs have a special diet compared to humans and some of our ingredients are just plain dangerous for them, opting for homemade treats makes it possible to share classic Easter chocolate eggs with them…but without the chocolate and artificial sweeteners!

So head to the kitchen, as this holiday season is the perfect time to whip up some DIY dog treats, ensuring the Easter fun is inclusive, safe, and bursting with love for our beloved furry friends. 

Ingredients for a Special Easter Dog Treat

This easy recipe uses nothing but human-grade ingredients commonly found in natural dog treats. And it is perfectly delicious without the need for any artificial sweeteners and other less-than-natural ingredients found in mass-produced, store-bought options. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1/4 cup carob powder
  • 1/4 extra-version coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup yogurt
  • 1 cup oat flour
  • 1 egg
ingredients for dog-friendly chocolate lollipops and dog treats

Xtra Health Tip: Always check with your veterinarian before introducing new foods. Like people, all dogs are different, and their tolerance for these ingredients depends on numerous factors including age, allergies, health conditions, and more.

Carob Powder

Offering a safe, chocolate-like alternative for our canine companions, carob powder (like this all-natural option from Amazon) ensures these Easter-themed treats are both delicious and risk-free.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, it provides a healthy twist to these homemade dog treats.

Coconut Oil

This healthier fat not only eases the blending of wet ingredients with dry ingredients but also contributes to the overall wellness of your dog’s skin and coat, making it a key ingredient for maintaining their health.

Its solid state at room temperature further ensures these treats maintain their shape.

Make sure to use an unrefined, extra-virgin option like this one.


Yogurt is a probiotic-rich food, supporting gut health in dogs. It contains beneficial bacteria that aid digestion and help maintain a balanced microbial environment. Additionally, yogurt is a good source of calcium.

Opt for Greek or plain yogurt that is free from added sugar and other ingredients.

If your dog happens to be lactose intolerant, you’ll need to make a substitution at this point. Look for a lactose-free yogurt, or even a dairy-free yogurt made specifically for dogs like YowUp!

Oat Flour

Oat flour is a great substitute for regular flour, as it is high in fiber and provides digestive benefits. It’s also rich in several essential nutrients like iron, manganese, and B vitamins.

If you don’t have oat flour, no worries. It’s super easy to make! Just grab some rolled oats (not steel-cut or quick oats) and place them in a blender for a few seconds.


Eggs contain essential amino acids that support muscle development, and the omega-3 fatty acids in eggs contribute to a healthy coat. And they are a great way to add some high-quality protein to your dog’s diet.

Xtra Health Tip: Triple-check the peanut butter yogurt to ensure xylitol isn’t listed as an ingredient. Xylitol is highly poisonous to dogs; even a small amount can be dangerous. Learn about other common food dangers here. 


Here’s what you’ll need to bring those tasty treats to life. 

  • Measuring cups
  • Measuring spoons
  • Microwave-safe mixing bowl
  • Mixing spoon
  • Lollipop molds
  • Food-grade dropper
  • Baking sheet
  • Cutting board (or other firm surface)

Now Let’s Whip Up Some Easter Dog Treats!

Step 1: Make Edible Lollipop Sticks

That’s right, this recipe ditches conventional lollipop sticks for a simple, baked dog treat, ensuring these Easter treats are as adorable as they are safe.

First, preheat the oven to 350°F (175°C). Then combine the oat flour, egg, and yogurt in a small mixing bowl.

Once thoroughly combined, grab a small piece of the dough and gently roll it back and forth on a cutting board or other flat surface until a stick shape forms.

The final length and thickness of the stick will depend on the size of your lollipop mold. Continue this process until you have a stick for every lollipop you plan to make, and then carefully transition the sticks to a baking sheet.

I actually recommend making a few extra sticks in case you accidentally break when one (which I did!).

Unless you are making quite a lot of Easter lollipops, you will have some leftover dough at this point. And you can use this to create some bonus treats! Simply press the dough into a silicon mold like this cute paw and bone-shaped option.

Or roll the dough out until it is ½ in (1.3 cm) thick, and form individual treats with a cookie cutter. 

Place your lollipop sticks and extra dog treats in the oven for 5 minutes, and then remove the lollipop sticks. Continue baking the dog treats for another 10 minutes.

homemade edible lollipop sticks
easter and paw molds filled with dog treats

Step 2: Blend the Chocolate

Mix together the coconut oil and carob powder. Place them all together in a microwave-safe mixing bowl, heating in short bursts of no more than 10 seconds, stirring in between, until they meld into a smooth concoction.

Be sure to heat the ingredients slowly so they don’t burn. Stir well to combine the now warm, gooey ingredients into a uniform blend, teasing your pup a bit with the delicious scent of this tasty treat.

If your dog is demanding a taste test at this point, just ensure the mixture isn’t too hot.

mix of melted dog-friendly chocolate

Step 3: Add the Lollipops Sticks

Grab your mold of choice, be it an Easter bunny or egg-shaped mold for a thematic touch (like this one I used from Amazon) or the classic lollipop shape, and place it on a flat, moveable surface such as a cookie sheet or cutting board.

Next, insert a freshly baked lollipop stick into each mold.

Make sure to place the stick up into the center of the mold so that it can ultimately be held in place by the chocolate mixture.

Opting out of the lollipop version? Simply omit this step and proceed to create chocolate delights in regular molds. They will still make sure the perfect treat for a special occasion.

easter lollipop molds with homemade edible lollipop sticks

Step 4: Fill the Molds

Carefully spoon the mixture into each mold or use a food-grade silicone dropper like this to more easily fill the molds without spillage.

Once the molds are filled, gently shake the cookie tray or cutting board to remove any air bubbles that may have formed during the mold-filling process.

Also, if necessary, add a bit more of the chocolate mix to thoroughly cover the top of the edible stick.

silicone mold being filled with dog-friendly chocolate

Step 5: Allow Chocolate to Set

Harden the chocolate by placing the molds (still on the baking sheet) in the refrigerator. The mixture will need to solidify for around 1-2 hours, culminating in the perfect, special Easter treat awaiting your four-legged companion.

Carefully remove the chocolates from the molds and store them in an air-tight container.  

dog-friendly easter chocolate lollipops

Xtra Health Tip: Whenever serving treats, remember the 90/10 rule. At least 90% of your pup’s daily calories should come from balanced meals, leaving no more than 10% for the fun stuff.

Shelf-Life and Storage Tips

Ensuring your furry friend’s homemade Easter treats stay fresh is crucial for those tail-wagging moments. Typically, these delicious treats will remain perfect in an air-tight container at room temperature for a few days, making them a fantastic addition to your pet’s Easter basket. Just keep in mind, the chocolate will melt if it gets too warm.

Should you wish to extend the shelf life of these tasty delights, popping them into the refrigerator is a great way to keep them fresh for up to a couple of weeks. And, of course, you can store them in the freezer for even longer (up to 2 months).

To champion sustainability and steer clear of unnecessary waste, I strongly recommend against single wrapping the lollipops in plastic, as is typically done around this time of the year. Your dog certainly doesn’t care about cute packaging…plus, this will only delay their enjoyment!

And that’s it! With these simple storage tips, your dog’s Easter treats will be ready whenever those playful Easter fun moments arise. 

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Creating an Easter to Remember

As we wrap up this journey into crafting delicious Easter dog treats, I’ll leave you with some suggestions on how to use these treats to create an unforgettable Easter for your pup.

If you are planning on putting together an Easter basket, these chocolate lollipops will make the perfect addition, along with some sustainable dog toys.

And if you are feeling crafty and have just 5 spare minutes, you can make your own upcycled bunny sock dog toy (full instructions here) to add to the basket.

Another very fun and very easy use of these treats is in a modified version of an Easter egg hunt. Just place a few treats around your house or yard, and let your dog sniff them out for the time of their life!

Using these treats for an Easter egg hunt or as a special addition to a dog-friendly Easter basket is such a fun and enriching way to strengthen your bond. Have fun sharing the joy and spirit of Easter with your beloved four-legged companion. I am sure they will have a pawsatively wonderful time!

dog-friendly easter chocolate lollipops surrounding a colorful bunny stuffed animal

Chocolate Lollipop Easter Dog Treats

dog-friendly chocolate easter lollipops and dog treats

Chocolate Lollipop Easter Dog Treats

Yield: 22
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 10 minutes

Chocolate lollipops are a classic Easter treat, and with this dog-safe recipe, your pup can participate in the fun! And thanks to the dough needed for the edible lollipop sticks, you'll get some healthy bonus dog treats as well!


  • ¼ cup carob powder
  • ¼ cup extra-virgin coconut oil
  • 1 cup oat flour
  • ¼ cup yogurt
  • 1 egg


  1. Preheat the oven to 350°F (175°C).
  2. To create the lollipop sticks, thoroughly combine the oat flour, egg, and yogurt in a small mixing bowl.
  3. Gently roll a small piece of dough back and forth on a cutting board (or other hard surface) to create a lollipop stick. Repeat this process until you have a stick for each lollipop you plan to make. Move the sticks to a baking sheet.
  4. Create some bonus treats by pressing the remaining dough into a silicone mold. Alternatively, roll out the dough and create treats with a cookie cutter.
  5. Place the lollipop sticks and treats in the oven for 5 minutes. Remove the sticks and continue baking the treats for another 10 minutes.
  6. Now create the chocolate by adding the carob powder and coconut oil into a microwave-safe bowl.
  7. Microwave the bowl for 10 seconds at a time, until the ingredients melt and can be mixed uniformly.
  8. Place the lollipop mold on a cutting board (or other hard, moveable surface), and insert a freshly baked lollipop stick into each mold.
  9. Carefully add the melted chocolate to each mold.
  10. Harden the chocolate lollipops by placing the mold in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.


  • This recipe makes 6 chocolate lollipops and 16 bonus treats.
  • Ensure the yogurt doesn't contain xylitol, as this is highly toxic to dogs.
  • For homemade oat flour, place rolled oats into a blender for a few seconds.

    Nutrition Information:
    Yield: 22 Serving Size: 1
    Amount Per Serving: Calories: 52Total Fat: 4gSaturated Fat: 3gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 1gCholesterol: 8mgSodium: 6mgCarbohydrates: 4gFiber: 0gSugar: 1gProtein: 1g

    Nutrition information is an approximation.

    FAQs: An Easter Dog Treat

    How long do these homemade dog treats last? 

    Stored properly in an air-tight container, these tasty treats will last for a couple of weeks in the refrigerator. And if you want your pup to enjoy these delicious Easter dog treats even longer, you can also store them in the freezer.

    Can small dogs enjoy these Easter treats safely?

    Absolutely, just ensure the treats are broken into small pieces suitable for their size. This way, every furry friend gets to join in the Easter fun without worrying about their special diet. 

    Are ingredients like coconut oil and peanut butter healthy for dogs?

    Yes, when used in moderation, these ingredients contribute to healthier lives for our dogs. Always choose natural and human-grade ingredients to ensure you’re giving your furry friend the best options.

    And make absolutely sure xylitol is not included in the list of ingredients, as this artificial sweetener is highly dangerous for dogs.

    Can I include these treats in my dog’s Easter egg hunt?

    Of course! It’s the perfect time to create your own Easter egg hunt with these themed treats. Just remember, moderation is key, even during special occasions. 

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    title of a pawsitively sweet easter dog treat - homemade easter lollipops with image of dog-friendly chocolate lollipops and dog treats

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