My Journey to a Greener Pet Life

Hi, I’m Jen Agerton, a dog-lover, mother, product manager, and world traveler, as well as the founder and sole creator of The Green Pet Project. And I’m on a mission to live a more sustainable life.

But the truth is, I’ve often felt unsure about how to turn this mission into a meaningful reality.

In a world of overconsumption, green-washing, and massive amounts of information, I wasn’t even sure where to start.

So, since my three dogs are such a big part of my life, I decided to use them as inspiration.

woman walking three dogs in street of barcelona

More about The Green Pet Project

On a normal day in the summer of 2023, I was picking up chunks of white fuzz strewn throughout our house…fuzz from a masterfully destroyed dog toy we had bought earlier that day.

And I had an overwhelming feeling of how the whole situation was so ridiculous.

Sure, I love pampering my pups. And my dogs do love a new toy.

But I decided then and there that I couldn’t keep playing out the same wasteful scenario.

It was then my idea for The Green Pet Project was born!

mini dapple dachshund dog lying inside destroyed dog bed

Having grown up with dogs my entire life, I know first-hand the immense joy and wonder these animals bring into our lives.

I consider it a privilege to be a part of their journey and want to ensure their time on this planet is nothing short of extraordinary.

They, along with all life, deserve to thrive in a world that we have responsibly cared for through more thoughtful action.

However, as a pet family, I know we can and should make better choices…choices that not only create a greener pet life in the short term but ones that are also realistic and, therefore, lead to long-lasting changes.

I don’t believe sustainability should be about responding to a fleeting sense of guilt. Rather it’s about making meaningful changes that become an integral part of our day-to-day…changes that don’t have to completely disrupt life as we know it.

I do believe commitment is required for change, but if the change is too difficult or inconvenient, it won’t stick. We need solutions that are realistic, practical.

After all, sustainable choices should enhance our lives as pet parents, not hinder them.

So, bit by bit (or “poca a poca” as we like to say in Spain), I’ve been busy creating resources, recommendations, and inspiration to live more sustainably.

And I’m so excited to share all of these ideas and information with you!

So, what can you expect from my sustainable pet life content?

Well, if you’re seeking realistic, creative, and fun ways to reduce waste, minimize your ecological foot/paw print, and create a healthier world for yourself and your pet, you’ve come to the right place.

With degrees in biology, management, and strategy, along with several years in my early career working as a scientist, I appreciate the value of research and accurate information.

And with almost 15 years working as a product manager and leader, I love a good challenge. Even more so, I love getting creative to find relevant solutions.

From DIY options to healthy, homemade treats, you’ll find practical tips and creative ideas to live a more sustainable and resourceful lifestyle.

Additionally, I’ll showcase products from both large and small companies that may not be perfect but are taking steps in the right direction to create and promote more eco-friendly options.

And as I believe sustainability is about more than just buying “green” products, you’ll also find other holistic living topics, such as eco-friendly enrichment activities, responsible travel tips, and other behavior and health-related information to help you and your pet live your best life together

Finally, rest assured, I have the finest in-house QA team that will thoroughly test all recipes, products, and activities before they earn a mention in our blog.

Of course, not every recommendation will be right for every pet, but I will be exploring a range of options so that you can find something that does work for you and your pup.

Ready to be introduced to the (incredibly cute) heart and soul behind this pet project?

mixed-breed dog sitting outside on patio in front of garden

is the elder of the pack and is pure sunshine. She’s the kind of dog that doesn’t hesitate to make eye contact and will look deep into your soul. And she’s very expressive…it’s quite clear when she’s super happy (or annoyed). An expert cuddler, Phoebe loves to feel connected to her family and is ready for any adventure.

pug-mix dog on red couch with tongue out

enjoys his creature comforts…like no other creative I’ve ever met! And you’ll never find a more motivated taste tester. If not hunting for treats, Franklin enjoys couch surfing on the softest cushion he can find. And while he pretty much always looks like he was just plucked from a dumpster, that just adds to his charm!

mini dapple dachshund dog looking up from barcelona tile in spain

is the smallest in stature but biggest in boldness. She is also the youngest pack member. Lovingly referred to as “salchicha” throughout the streets of Spain, this little girl’s zest for life is inspirational. That zest sometimes comes in the form of mass destruction, but that’s why Froda is the best toy tester around.

Ok, enough about me and my pups. Here’s how you can join our community!

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