Looking for ways to live

a more sustainable life

with your pet?

A sustainable, down-to-earth guide for pet parents.

The Green Pet Project is here to help you uncover the many practical ways you can reduce your foot (and paw) print to create a more sustainable, fulfilling, and vibrant life with your pet.

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Hi there! Welcome to The Green Pet Project.

I’m Jen, and along with my three furry co-founders – Phoebe, Franklin, and Froda – we’re on a mission to explore the world of eco-friendly products and sustainable, holistic living practices that lessen our impact on the planet while strengthening the bond between pet and pet parent.

What about you? Are you looking for practical ways to reduce waste and minimize your ecological pawprint?

Do you want to deepen the relationship with your furry companion through fun and sustainable enrichment activities?

Are you ready to take small, meaningful steps towards a greener and happier life for both you and your pet?

If so, let’s get started! Explore all the resources we’ve been pulling together and make a small but impactful change today.

What do you want your sustainable life to look like?

When it comes to living an eco-friendly pet life, I know it’s not one size fits all. That’s why I’ll be continually researching and sharing new ideas so you can find the things that work for YOUR life.

three safe eco-friendly dog chew toys sitting next to old wheel
pug dog mix sitting on patio in front of eco pet food and treats
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final diy sock octopus dog toy in orange and blue sitting in tree

Explore sustainable product reviews for pets & pet parents, as well as fun and creative tutorials for DIY dog toys.

Discover delicious & nutritious recipes for dog treats, along with recommendations for pre-made eco pet food options.

Unleash the adventure with enrichment activities, travel tips, and more on how you and your pet can live your best life together. 

The Blog

Curl up on the couch with your pup and get inspired to live a more sustainable life for the love of pet and planet!

Ready to find a dog toy that doesn’t leave bits of nonbiodegradable fuzz all over your house? Or are you looking for ways to add some nutritious variety to your pet’s diet? Maybe you need some new ideas for eco-friendly enrichment activities?

Well, you’ll find these things and so much more! And…if you have a particular sustainable pet topic you’d like me to write about, do let me know!

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